Our teachers are passionate about helping the students in the process of learning a second or third language. Tania B. Schettini founded Lowcountry Language Academy  in 2014.  She is dedicated to teaching language through real life situations.  Mrs. Schettini supports research that shows students who are immersed in the target language develop fluency.  

Lowcountry Language Academy programs applies the immersion teaching approach to teaching second language. Our native-speaking teachers use prompts to teach language through science, math, art, cooking, reading and writing. The goal is for our students to be able to learn the language in a natural way. 

Our teachers nurture our students to becoming life-long learners. We encourage appreciation and exploration of different cultures. 

The Spanish Immersion Preschool classroom stimulates and provokes curiosity in the children. Our variety of art tools, musical instruments, wall displays, manipulative, puzzles, and other didactic material allow the children to explore and learn the Spanish Language in a engaging environment.  Our centers change throughout the year around the vocabulary or theme that we are learning, keeping your child engaged experiencing the Spanish language in a meaningful way,