"My son loves learning Spanish from Ms Tania! He is 4 and has been taking Ms Tania's Spanish immersion classes for the past year. Lots of hands on learning with crafts and cooking. He is not only learning a foreign language but is also gaining the understanding of countries and customs outside of his own. I can't say enough of how great and important it is to have young ones learn foreign languages early. He has even been complemented on his accent by other native Spanish speakers who have watched his class videos!" - Kitty Fielding Ziober

"So happy to have found you, Tania! My son's grade dramatically improved with just a few tutoring meetings. He went from failing tests to getting a 94% on his End of Course Exam for Spanish 1. You helped the lightbulb come on for him. Thank you so much!"  Jeanne Lyles

"Tania is a great teacher and prepare every activity with knowledge and dedication. She is very experienced and loves what she does. Kids absolutely adore her readings." -Maria Spinosa

"We recently enrolled our 3.5 year old son in Lowcountry Language Academy and we are SO happy we did. This is his first preschool experience-- and we are loving it! He has a smile on his face when we pick him up and he tells us all the fun things he did that day. The teachers are very loving and work hard to give their students an excellent education. We are thrilled that he is learning Spanish and about different cultures. We can't say enough good things about this school" - :)"Linda Romo

"We truly love Lowcountry Language Academy. We started this year with my son in their preschool age program. My son will carry on with their homeschool program next year and my daughter will start in the preschool age program. Learning different languages and cultures is extremely important to me as a parent for my kids and they teach it so well with so much dedication and love. Every aspect of the language and culture is incorporated so nicely and naturally while my son isstill learning all the same concepts as he does in traditional preschool (writing, reading, math, science, etc). Ms. Tania and Ms. O, in particular, have been beyond wonderful. I have an extremely slow to warm up son and they have made such an effort to constantly make him feel supported, welcome and loved. I appreciate so much about them and wish for every parent to see the importance of introducing a foreign language early."  -Brigid Hines

"We enrolled our three year old daughter and have been shocked by the amount of progress she has made not only in her English speaking skills, but also it felt quite magical to hear her speak Spanish for the first time. She loves school and it's hard to get her to leave! As a parent I value the amount of hands on creativity the kids get to do on a daily basis with a big emphasis on using natural items in art as well as showing the kids how to garden and even cook some days. It's the perfect class for the hands on child who loves to explore and play while learning the regular preschool check marks in addition to a whole other language. Tania goes above and beyond to provide individualized attention to each child and also really connects with parents making us feeling involved as well. We can't say enough good things about her and her team. You can tell they do this work from their hearts. I highly recommend!"  -Tiffanie Yumang

"I was so happy when I found the Spanish Immersion Preschool program. The teachers really engage the children with fun and creative activities. You can tell they really care about the children and really want to help them learn. I love hearing my son tell me words in Spanish that he has learned at school. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a part time program for their preschool aged child." -Amy Hatfield

"My children have LOVED the Spanish Immersion camps they have attended. They have fun while learning and expanding their Spanish vocabulary! Tania has also been a wonderful and helpful Spanish tutor for my high schooler." -Melissa Stafford Nunes